John B. Scott Forever Wild Trail

(Trail near Hatchet Creek)









The John B. Scott Forever Wild Trail is a 4.7-mile loop trail. It starts on the north end of the Goldmine Road parking lot; goes south along Yates Lake past Kudzu Bluff and then down the old Double Bridges Ferry Road switchback. Then south along the shore of Yates Lake to Yellowstone Creek. The trail follows Yellowstone Creek west to the Great Gorge and intersects with the Lowline Railroad Trail. The trail then follows Yellowstone Creek further west for about one half mile; then ascends Saddlerock Mountain (the highest elevation in Elmore county). Great views from Saddlerock Mountain.

Trail descends Saddlerock Mountain into the valley past a giant tulip poplar tree that is 16 feet in circumference. The trail then goes east and intersects with the Highline Railroad Trail and down to the north parking lot on Goldmine Road. The John B. Scott Trail is marked with 2x4-inch white blazes on trees and rocks both ways. You can hike it both ways by taking the Saddlerock Mountain Trail from the north parking lot. You can hike other options with the trail intersecting with the Lowline and Highline Railroad Trails.

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